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Rennet Paste Type Provo 100 (Soluble Purified Rennet Paste)


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Rennet Paste Type Provo 100 (Soluble Purified Rennet Paste) is a suitable product to produce piquant and semi-piquant cheeses obtained from cow, sheep and goat milk. It is a brown paste extracted from the stomachs of unweaned kids and, to a smaller extent, from unweaned lambs. It is soluble and ready-to-use without alterations of the characteristic composition both of the curdling enzymes and of the lipases. The high content of lipases, which hydrolyse milk fat releasing free fatty acids, gives its typical flavour to the cheese.


Clerici-Sacco Group is a manufacturer and supplier of starter cultures, rennet and rennet powders and cheese. They exclusively use safe food grade or pharma grade raw materials to give the best possible solutions tailored to their client's needs and requirements.



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