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Crino® Lactose 

Crino® Lactose is derived from the crystallization of sweet dairy whey. It provides numerous functional and nutritional properties in a variety of food systems. Crino® Lactose is formulated to be used in a wide range of applications such as infant nutrition, dairy, dry mixes, bakery products, soft drinks and special dietary foods.

Lactose nutritional benefits, dairy flavor, and solubility make it a choice ingredient in infant nutrition. It also ensures quality in dry mixes by keeping the product from caking, improving flow properties and dispersability. Because of its high nutritional value and bioactive properties, lactose products are increasingly used in products designed to improve health and wellness.


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Agropur Ingredients (formerly Main Street Ingredients) supplies the foodservice and food manufacturing industries through their stabilizers systems and protein blends. The stabilizer systems enhance mouthfeel, texture, consistency, shelf life, etc. The protein blends include milk and whey protein concentrates, as well as caseins, isolates, caseinates and alternative proteins like rice, wheat and soy.


Agropur Ingredients

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