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Glycosperse® S-20 KFG 



Glycosperse® S-20 KFG is polysorbate 60; POE (20) sorbitan monostearate. Suggested for use as an emulsifier in whipped edible oil toppings, cakes/cake mixes, non-standardized confectionery coatings, shortenings and edible oils, and substitutes for milk or cream in beverage coffee. Also used in protective coatings on raw fruits and vegetables and chocolate flavored syrup. Can be used as an opacifier in sugar type confection coatings or as a foaming agent in non-alcoholic mixes and as a dispersing agent in artificially sweetened gelatin dessert and dessert mixes. Can be used as a surfactant and wetting agent for natural and artificial colors.




Lonza is a global leader in health, wellness, and nutrition. Their microbial fermentation product range includes various proteins, enzymes, secondary metabolites, modified peptides, carbohydrates, biomass/cultures, and advanced chemicals for a wide array of applications. The company’s leading-edge capabilities and dedicated project management make them a trusted partner worldwide.



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