Go-Ferm® Protect 

Go-Ferm® Protect is a natural yeast rehydration nutrient developed specifically for problem musts and stuck fermentations. Go-Ferm® Protect incorporates sterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids (for cell protection) together with vitamins and minerals to help ensure yeast survival and to help maintain fermentation activity to completion. Go-Ferm® Protect provides a combination of protective and nutritive benefits for optimal fermentation results. Go-Ferm® Protect is certified organic by OMRI.


Certification Statement


Lallemand Human Nutrition specializes in the development and distribution of yeast and bacteria for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. Lallemand products include a line of mineral- and vitamin-enriched yeasts and premium cranberry extracts and powders. Products offer health benefits in areas of immune health, intestinal health and digestive health and also have application in baking, brewing and oenology.



Lallemand Health Solutions

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