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Lalvin 31® 

Lalvin 31® is a malolactic bacteria that achieves reliable malolactic fermentation under difficult conditions such as low pH and low temperature. It has a pH tolerance > 3.1, alcohol tolerance up to 14%, SO2 tolerance up to 45 mg/L total, temperature tolerance > 13 degrees Celsius. Lalvin 31® is noted for its good sensory balance in red and white wines. Allows for fermentation to take place at a lower temperature, obtaining wine with higher color intensity and stability.


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Lallemand Human Nutrition specializes in the development and distribution of yeast and bacteria for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. Lallemand products include a line of mineral- and vitamin-enriched yeasts and premium cranberry extracts and powders. Products offer health benefits in areas of immune health, intestinal health and digestive health and also have application in baking, brewing and oenology.



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