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Reducit® Sodium Acid Sulfate 

Reducit® Sodium Acid Sulfate is a natural food-grade acidifier with a unique range of properties used to prolong the freshness and reduce the salt, fat and preservatives content of foods in applications such as cut potatoes and other cut produce, sauces, dressings, soups, fillings and mayonnaise. Reducit® is a safe replacement for sodium metabisulfites and in liquid systems boosts the flavor of salt allowing for significant sodium reductions. In beverages and flavors, Reducit effectively lowers pH without the undesirable taste impact and compatibility limitations of other



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Mantrose-Haeuser is a leader in edible coatings and specialty ingredients for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Mantrose products have application in baked goods, fried foods, glazes, chocolate enrobed bars and biscuits, seeds, nuts, croutons and snacks to help create effects such as less crumbling, moisture control, lower fat uptake, adhesion and binding and more. The NatureSeal product line keeps produce fresh.




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