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Fibrous XL



ViskoTeepak™ Fibrous XL enables higher yields in sausage processing, which in turn translate into better overall profitability of manufacturing operations. Thanks to its excellent stretchability, Fibrous XL is flexible but still utterly reliable and easy to handle. This strong casing enables safer stuffing of cold salami emulsion, for example. There is also less reject due to the casing’s high mechanical strength. This product exhibits good permeability and wrinkle-resistance, which makes Fibrous XL suitable for semi-dry smoked/cooked sausages, portion sausages and other sausage products.


Viskoteepak is a world pioneer in sinewy, cellulose and plastic housings. We strive for flawlessness in all that we do to guarantee that you will get the best encounter conceivable. We can offer you the most thorough arrangement of standard packaging results through our stringy product offering. We can additionally offer probably the most beneficial complete packaging results in all our product offerings, something we accomplish by joining forces with you and customizing our items, as well as by making the ideal complete result and backing for your business.




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