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Faserin & CMVP



Fibrous Faserin® and Fibrous CMVP® reliably eliminate weight and aroma loss during production and storage, ensuring an extended shelf life and consumer appeal of deli products in the sausage category. Fibrous Faserin® is a fibrous barrier casing that has a PVDC coating on the inside of the casing. The internal coating allows improved yields and faster processing in steam or water. Compared with standard methods using heat processing, it also enhances shelflife above the level achieved with permeable casings. Furthermore, Fibrous Faserin® casings stand out in strength and caliber consistency, with the smooth silky-matte outer surface giving an appetizing appearance. Fibrous CMVP® (Controlled Moisture Vapor Permeability) features an outside coating to prevent moisture loss and inhibit oxygen transmission. The primary use of this casing is in the manufacture of cooked sausages, braunschweiger and poultry rolls where the products are water or steam cooked.


Viskoteepak is a world pioneer in sinewy, cellulose and plastic housings. We strive for flawlessness in all that we do to guarantee that you will get the best encounter conceivable. We can offer you the most thorough arrangement of standard packaging results through our stringy product offering. We can additionally offer probably the most beneficial complete packaging results in all our product offerings, something we accomplish by joining forces with you and customizing our items, as well as by making the ideal complete result and backing for your business.




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