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Fibrous Smoke Barrier



ViskoTeepak™ Fibrous Smoke Barrier is a fibrous casing with smoke color and flavor complemented by barrier properties that ensure zero weight loss during production and storage. The even diffusion of flavor and color is a benefit of Fibrous Smoke Barrier because there are no fluctuations in smoke aroma or intensity. Nor are there any rack marks left on the surface of the smoked product. By using this unique casing solution, smoked products can also be manufactured with a remarkably lessened environmental load. The coating imparts a natural smoke aroma and color, giving meat or poultry products a smoky flavor and appearance. By reducing or eliminating the time required for smoking food products, there can be an improvement in yield, productivity and profitability.


Viskoteepak is a world pioneer in sinewy, cellulose and plastic housings. We strive for flawlessness in all that we do to guarantee that you will get the best encounter conceivable. We can offer you the most thorough arrangement of standard packaging results through our stringy product offering. We can additionally offer probably the most beneficial complete packaging results in all our product offerings, something we accomplish by joining forces with you and customizing our items, as well as by making the ideal complete result and backing for your business.




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