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GRINDSTED® Pectin YF 357 


DuPont Danisco

GRINDSTED® Pectin YF 357 is a low ester, amidated pectin standardized with sugars. Pectin is from citrus peel and has natural color variation from off-white to golden. This product is ideal for fruit preparations for stirred yogurt and other dairy products. It is suitable for soluble solids levels from approximately 5 to 50%, and is suitable for twinpot.

GRINDSTED® Pectin YF 357 has good suspension properties, pourable and thixotrophic texture is a pure pectin solution - clean label, and is very versatile, flexible to formulation variations like soluble solid content, fruit type and dosage. This product is Kosher and Halal certified, and GMO free.




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DuPont Danisco

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