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Crosspure® is a product that replaces diatomaceous earth (D.E. or kieselguhr) in beer filtration systems. It is a synthetic powder that consists of 70% polystyrene and 30% PVPP. Crosspure® is a development by BASF for optimum filtration and stabilization of beer and other beverages. Compared to conventional products, the filter excipient provides several advantages: Crosspure® is regenerable, safe, and easy to handle.

BASF produces Crosspure® by compounding polystyrol and cross-linked PVP. The special compounding process creates mechanically and chemically stable particles. Crosspure® can be used with beers that can be filtered normally or in the case of high stability requirements. When filtering with Crosspure® two separation mechanisms provide perfect clarity. Physical processes remove particulate substances causing turbidity such as yeasts, protein-tannin complexes, oxalates, and hops resins. In addition, dissolved tannins are adsorbed such as anthocyanogens and flavonoids, for example.



BASF Human Nutrition offers high-quality carotenoids, vitamins, functional and food ingredients, process aids and product concepts for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Their product range includes, fat and water soluble vitamins, lycopene, lutein, caffeine, medium chain triglycerides, omega-3 oils, conjugated linoleic acid, plant sterols, colorants, emulsifiers, enzymes, whipping agents, antioxidants and more.



BASF Human Nutrition

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