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Apocarotenal 2 CWD 

Apocarotenal 2 CWD is a cold water dispersible powder formulation which contains 2% nature identical Apocarotenal (E 160e/INS 160e). It is extremely stable in different applications such as beverages like energy drinks or soft drinks, dairy products, and confectionary. Its color shade does not depend on pH. Due to its exceptional cold water dispersiblity, Apocarotenal 2 CWD is easy to handle and it creates brilliantly colored food products the easy way, using low dosages and without impacting the taste profile.



BASF Human Nutrition offers high-quality carotenoids, vitamins, functional and food ingredients, process aids and product concepts for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Their product range includes, fat and water soluble vitamins, lycopene, lutein, caffeine, medium chain triglycerides, omega-3 oils, conjugated linoleic acid, plant sterols, colorants, emulsifiers, enzymes, whipping agents, antioxidants and more.



BASF Human Nutrition

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