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Divergan® RS is a beverage clarifier and stabilizer for beer. It is available as a coarse particle, compared to Divergan® F, which is for single-use applications. In normal practice Divergan® RS is added to the beer from a separate dosing vessel after diatomaceous earth filtration and separated out in the PVPP filter. Regeneration subsequently occurs in this filter. The small losses arising from regeneration (approximately 1% or less) ensure very low beer stabilization costs. Divergan® RS was specifically developed for use in stabilization and regeneration plants. An optimal particle size

distribution with low fine grade fraction, the guaranteed swelling volume, and the high mechanical stability of the individual particle ensures trouble-free filtration over an extended period.



BASF Human Nutrition offers high-quality carotenoids, vitamins, functional and food ingredients, process aids and product concepts for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Their product range includes, fat and water soluble vitamins, lycopene, lutein, caffeine, medium chain triglycerides, omega-3 oils, conjugated linoleic acid, plant sterols, colorants, emulsifiers, enzymes, whipping agents, antioxidants and more.



BASF Human Nutrition

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