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Caviar Oil 100mg Capsules

Caviar Biotec目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

Caviar Oil 100 mg luxury softgel capsules presented as seamless, round pearls. Bland to neutral taste and odour. The world's first sturgeon caviar oil health supplement


Caviar Biotec is an innovative manufacturer devoted to maximising the health benefits derived from every aspect of the farmed sturgeon, a prehistoric fish defined as a living fossil predating the dinosaurs. Other than being the origin of true caviar, the sturgeon and it’s derivatives, contain potent combinations of essential amino acids and fatty acids, vital for good health in humans.

Of particular value is the delicately extracted oil and dried proteins from the caviar eggs themselves, including the fatty membrane that generates life. This range of raw materials are aimed at the cosmetics and nutraceutical industries. Caviar Biotec provides access to these unique materials utilising world wide patented technology.




Caviar Biotec

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