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Di-potassium Phosphate Shandong Longlive Bio-Technology Co., Ltd Di-potassium Phosphate is a white powder. This product is easily soluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohol. It has strong absorption of moisture. Di-potassium Phosphate is used as a food additive.
Dipotassium Phosphate Lianyungang Dongtai Food Ingredients Co., Ltd Dipotassium Phosphate is a white or colorless powder. In the food industry it can be used as a buffering agent, chelating agent, a yeast food, emulsifier, or an anti oxidant synergistic agent.
Dipotassium Phosphate (DKP) Shandong Bangye Co., Ltd. Dipotassium Phosphate (DKP) appears as a white granulated powder, which is odorless. This product is most commonly used as a buffering agent or stabilizer in food applications.