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Kancor North America Inc.

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Kancor North America Inc. is a global supplier of food ingredients used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company offers a product range that includes Organic Products, Spice Extracts, Oleoresins, Natural Food Colours, Essential Oils, and more. These products are used to blend with the customers’ products; they can enhance the taste, flavor, nutrition value, and color of the products.
Annatto Kancor North America Inc. Annatto is an orange-yellow natural food coloring agent. It is widely used in bakery products, dairy products and snack foods.
Curcumin Food Coloring Kancor North America Inc. Curcumin is the pigment of tumeric. It provides a yellow shade in food solutions and solids. It is oil soluble and water soluble/dispersable. Curcumin is found in foods/solutions that have a pH balance of 2.5-7.0.