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Weishardt International

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The Weishardt Group, fourth biggest maker on the planet, offers an expansive scope of customary pig skin, cow-like shroud or fish gelatine for pharmaceutical, consumable or specialized applications. This extent additionally incorporates frosty dissolvable gelatines, hydrolyzed marine collagens and even intricate tailor made fixings mixes.
COLD SOLUBLE GELATINE Weishardt International COLD SOLUBLE GELATINE is a convenient way to improve process. It has a large range of bloom available (140-280) and no need for heating step. COLD SOLUBLE GELATINE based tailor made blends are available.
FISH GELATINE Weishardt International FISH GELATINE has a high quality of pure & natural protein, and a large range of bloom (140-250) and viscosity. This 100% natural sea product gives an added value to products.
NATICOL® Weishardt International NATICOL® is selectively derived from 100% fish skin and scales rigorously controlled. Weishardt group presents a new source for peptides by introducing a complete range of bioavailable fish type 1 collagen peptides.