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Nedspice Group

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Nedspice Group processes spices, herbs, and dehydrated vegetables in the food industry. Nedspice Group supports the conservation of biodiversity, reduction of the use of chemicals and pesticides, and maintaining safety standards to create a wide range of sustainable products. Nedspice Group creates its own sustainability to be able to supply thousands of tons of spices across the globe.
Coriander Nedspice Group Coriander is the seed of an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. It is harvested when the seed has changed from green to a yellowish-brown color and are fully ripened. Coriander is generally used in seafood dishes and soups.
Mace Nedspice Group Mace is the bright red covering of nutmeg seed shells which is dried and broken into blades. It is used as a mild flavoring alternative in recipes that require nutmeg. Mace is generally used in soups, sauces, scones, cakes, and barbecue sauces.
Nutmeg Nedspice Group Nutmeg is the seed kernel that is covered in mace and procured from the nutmeg evergreen tree. It is used as a spice in foods such as soups, potato dishes, sauces, baked goods, and meats.