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Agro Uranga

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Agro Uranga is engaged in the production, classification, and distribution of grains and food products, certified by the ISO 9001 Quality Norm. Their main products include popcorn, green peas, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, and lentils, but they offer other commodities as well. The company carries out production by utilizing direct sowing, precision agriculture, and experimental nets.
Chickpeas Agro Uranga Chickpeas are a starchy vegetable and are commonly used for people who are diabetic and for its digestive properties. It is also used to marinate vegetables, and add flavor to both salads and pasta.
Green Peas Agro Uranga Green Peas is a green to yellow vegetable. It contains starch and sugar, giving it a sweet and firm taste. It has a large number of nutritional benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Lentils Agro Uranga Lentils are legumes that have a high dietary fiber content. It is as a food additive due to its absorption and fiber content properties.
Popcorn Agro Uranga Popcorn is a corn grain that is stripped from the cob and heated. One of its nutritional benefits is its fiber properties. It is commonly eaten with the addition of butter and salt.
Sunflower Seeds Agro Uranga Sunflower Seeds are commonly eaten as is or with added salt. It has high levels of vitamin E and has anti-Inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits which make it a popular snacking food.