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Corn Flour Rohan International Corn Flour is obtained from naturally cultivated raw maize, grown using natural manure. It is a yellowish cream color, with excellent taste, and high nutritional value. Corn Flour is used in biscuits, pasta, papad, cookies, and pastries.
Kenilworth Finlay Tea Solutions US Inc. Kenilworth is a tea that is used in the beverage industry. This tea has long wiry beautiful leaves that give an exquisite, almost oaky taste and good body and strength.
Nuwara Eliya Finlay Tea Solutions US Inc. Nuwara Eliya teas are light and delicate in character, bright in color and have a fragrant flavor. Their flavor is heightened when taken with lemon rather than milk.
Nuwara Eliya Estate Finlay Tea Solutions US Inc. Nuwara Eliya Estate is a tea that has a bright brisk flavor and a wonderful perfume. It is good to drink at any time of day with just a little milk.
Rice Flour Rohan International Rice Flour is produced from polished raw rice and is gluten free. It is in the form of finely ground powder, has no odor, and is a natural white color. Rice Flour is used cereals, crackers, chips, snacks, baking mixes, sweets, dough, and pasta.
Saint James Finlay Tea Solutions US Inc. Saint James is a copper-colored infusion with a very smooth, pronounced taste and a wonderful aroma. This product is used in tea beverages.
Uva Finlay Tea Solutions US Inc. Uva is a fine flavored tea. It has a bright, deep amber color when brewed, with the brisk and crisp, strong Ceylon flavor. This product is also used in Ceylon blend and other tea beverages.