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COAT ROLL TH Chiral Chemicals COAT ROLL TH is an application to extend shelf-life. It extends life of ingredients by two weeks. COAT ROLL TH is used in loaves of bread, sweet bread, steamed bread, cake, sponge cakes, and confectionery products.
Corn Flour Rohan International Corn Flour is obtained from naturally cultivated raw maize, grown using natural manure. It is a yellowish cream color, with excellent taste, and high nutritional value. Corn Flour is used in biscuits, pasta, papad, cookies, and pastries.
FUMING SP Chiral Chemicals FUMING SP is a food additive. It improves the quality of the food ingredients and makes it more juicy and crispy and the weight increases by 20% to 25%. FUMING SP is used in raw prawn, boiled shrimp, and fried chicken.
KEEP – HK Chiral Chemicals KEEP – HK is a food longevity agent. It is a effective suppressor of bacteria in ingredients of food. KEEP – HK is used in fried chicken, fried prawns, fried fish, meatball, sausage, and shrimp.
NEW-MG Chiral Chemicals NEW-MG is a food longevity agent and a taste improvement agent. It improves taste wich preserves food without producing acidic taste and acidic odor. NEW-MG is used in meatball, sausage, fried chicken, fried fish, and prawn.
Rice Flour Rohan International Rice Flour is produced from polished raw rice and is gluten free. It is in the form of finely ground powder, has no odor, and is a natural white color. Rice Flour is used cereals, crackers, chips, snacks, baking mixes, sweets, dough, and pasta.
SENMIHOPE-GN Chiral Chemicals SENMIHOPE-GN is a natural food longevity agent. It prevents coliform bacillus and mold in vegetables and non-heated food. It also prevents germ control. SENMIHOPE-GN is used in beef, pork, and meat.