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R-8004 Siloxane Masterbatch 

R-8004 Siloxane Masterbatch is an ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer. It offers improved processing fluidity, lubricating property, and demolding ability of plastics to reduce equipment frictional loss and decrease buildup. It also offers enhanced scratch resistance, excellent stability, low mobility, improved fire-retardancy, and increased cable speed. This product is a silicone lubricant which functions as a processing agent in the plastics industry. It can also be used to reduce surface defects for glass fiber reinforced composites. R-8004 has ≥70% siloxane content.




Zhejiang Feidian Chemical Co., Ltd. have been devoting to the development, production, and application of silicone for many years. They bring us to a very profound and magic world. Our experience and knowledge let us know that silicone can almost change or improve everything.



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