SN7088 is a silicone polymer which contains both epoxy-functional and alkoxy-functional groups. It can react with coated glass and metal systems to form a strong covalent bond. It also shows excellent performance in carboxylic group emulsions when the pH value is 6.0-8.5, especially for acrylic, butylbenzene polyurethane, and water-based polyurethanes. With a small addition amount of 0.5-1.0%, this product is effective for 1 year, unmatched by epoxy silanes. Epoxy silanes in water-based systems will be decreased by 40% each month, and are therefore more suitable for solvent systems. SN7088 is recommended in water-based coatings and inks as a long-efficiency adhesion accelerator. It is compatible with most resins and fillers, and is especially suitable for water-based glass paints and water-based metal paints.




Suny Chem is a supplier of specialty chemicals used in the Graphic Arts & Inks industry. Established in Yantai China in 1995, it is dedicated to providing quality ingredients. Suny Chem’s offerings include Maleic Acid, Ketone, Epoxy, Polyolefin, Acrylic, and Polyamide Resins, EGDA, Chlorinated Polypropylene, Leveling Agents, PGDA, Water Based Ink Pigments, Ink Jet Pigments, and UV Ink Pigments.


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