TEGO® Dispers 688 

TEGO® Dispers 688 is a clear to slightly hazy liquid, high molecular weight polymer. It is a wetting and dispersing additive for radiation-curing formulations and for matte UV coatings. It stabilizes matting agents and has outstanding viscosity reduction. TEGO® Dispers 688 gives positive impact on the rheological profile of the UV coatings even at high matting agent levels. During production and application of matte UV coatings, improved processing of this product is achieved.




The Coating Additives Business Line from Evonik offers its customers with optimal solutions in the paints, coatings and printing ink sectors and supports them with the production of resource-efficient coatings. The Business Line offers a diverse product portfolio for the coatings industry, like additives, co-binders, matting agents, fumed silica, specialty resins or nanoresins.


Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, TEGO Products 赢创工业集团-迪高涂料助剂

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