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Isopropyl Acetate 

Isopropyl Acetate is a kind of liquid which smells like fruit, has no color and easily can be lighted. The speed of its vaporization is fast. It could be dissolved with ethanol, ketone, aether and other solvents, so it is called the “omnipotent solvent.” It has a wide variety of uses, including as a solvent of coating, a dehydrating agent of acetic acid, in the medical industry, tobacco industry, and for high-end printing ink.




Yueyang Dongrun Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and developing innovative and high quality polyketone resins and polyaldehyde resins for the Paints and Coatings Industry. Using advanced production equipment and strict quality management, Dongrun has earned international and domestic prestige as the largest and most influential polyketone resin and polyaldehyde resin manufacturer.



Yueyang Dongrun Chemical Co., Ltd. 岳阳东润化工有限公司

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