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BAS 302 X-60 

BAS 302 X-60 is a short oil alkyd resin that is used for its gloss retention, adhesion and flexibility, solvent acceptation, hardness, and pigment wetting and dispersing properties. This product has a viscosity of 50-80 stoke at 25°C and is mainly used in nitro-cellulose paints and lacquers, alkyd amin varnishes, amino resin based stoving paints, acid curing coatings, and printing inks.




Bonyan Kala Chemie Co. is a supplier of Alkyd Resins and Unsaturated Polyester Resins used in the Graphic Arts & Inks industry. With vast technical proficiency, highly outfitted manufacturing, quality control, and research & development facilities, and ISO 9001:2008 Certification - this organization is dedicated to consistently delivering premium quality resins that exceed customer expectations.


Bonyan Kala Chemie Co.

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