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STANLUX® Silver 3701 

STANLUX® Silver 3701 is a non-leafing type aluminium pigment with narrowly curved lamellar particle size distribution that presents a metallic effect and is recommended in formulations that require a coarse aluminium pigment with high metallic effect. STANLUX® Silver 3701 has an average particle size of 21 microns and can be used in auto parts paints, automotive paints (original and refinish), plastic coatings, and printing inks.




Aldoro Indústria de Pós e Pigmentos Metálicos Ltda. is a well-known supplier of metallic pigments. With excellent quality products, they are able to compete with other businesses worldwide. The company is committed to the continuous improvement of all products while maintaining focus on each and every client.


Aldoro Indústria de Pós e Pigmentos Metálicos Ltda

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