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Texicryl® 13-819


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Texicryl® 13-819 is a styrene acrylic copolymer-based emulsion vehicle that is compatible with hard polymers usually used in the formulating of overprint varnishes and can be incorporated into OPV's to partially replace the hard polymer and boost gloss levels. It is also compatible with a variety of heat-resistant waxes, defoamers and acrylic polymers usually used in heat-resistant overprint varnishes. Other benefits of Texicryl® 13-819 include a low odor, good resolubility and a higher gloss than conventional heat-resistant polymers.


Scott Bader is a supplier of synthetic resins and polymers used in the Graphic Arts & Inks industry. Developed with vast expertise, its product lines for this field are Texicryl® Acrylic Emulsions and Thickeners and Texicote® Inverse Emulsion Rheology Modifiers. Renown for its innovation, high quality ingredients, and superior customer service, this organization is committed to excellence.



Scott Bader

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