Reflex™ Splendor Sky Blue Pearl RC-7885K 


CQV Co., Ltd.

Reflex™ Splendor Sky Blue Pearl RC-7885K, part of Reflex™ Color Pigment Coated Pearl, is a two-color effect pigment that has coated pearlescent pigment surface with pre-dispersed inorganic or organic colorant with the appearance of a blue, free-flowing powder. It conserves the feel of the interference pigment by coating the pearl pigment with numerous colors of Colorant, which also decreases the need for added mixing of colors. Because this product is unstable in some salts and alkali, it should not be used in alkaline formulations, although it is applicable in various fields of industry.




CQV Co., Ltd. researches and manufactures pearlescent pigments. Their pearl effect pigment product advantages include better whiteness, luster, chrome color and clearness with less lot variations and black spots. CQV products can be used in the graphic art and ink industry for inkjet and printing inks.


CQV Co., Ltd.

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