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Black Shield™ Aqueous Black Dispersion 6C11B700918 

Black Shield™ Aqueous Black Dispersion 6C11B700918 is a high-density carbon black aqueous pigment dispersion that has been designed for compatibility with various applicable systems, offering different formulation options in substrates. This product features free flowing capabilities and possesses stable end-use viscosity. Black Shield™ Aqueous Black Dispersion 6C11B700918's weight per gallon is between 10lbs and 10.5lbs and offers high chemical resistance. This product is put to use in a diverse group of applications that includes the adhesive, automotive coating, structural adhesive, construction coating, flexographic ink, aqueous coating, aqueous coating, interior/exterior latex paint, leather coating, textile coating, and textile finishing industries. The industries listed above use this product primarily as a pigment dispersant.




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