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Trimellitic Anhydride (TMA) 

Trimellitic Anhydride (TMA), in the form of off-white to white flakes, is a plasticizer that can be used in heat-proof insulated paints and wire enamels, adhesives, and printing inks. This product's boiling point is 390℃ and its crystallization point begins at 164℃. It is soluble in ethanol, acetone, and most other organic solvents. It is slightly soluble in water.




Wuxi Baichuan Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of fine chemical products. They focus on the scientific research and production of acetate, anhydride, plasticizer, polyatomic alcohol, and electrical insulating material and many other environmental protection and energy saving chemical products. Their products are widely used in household appliances, wooden furniture, children toys, sports supplies, industrial equipment, graphic art and inks and other industries.


Wuxi Baichuan Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

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