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Fast Green G

Hangzhou Colorant Pigment Chemicals Co., Ltd.目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

Fast Green G is a glossy green pigment with a high color strength. This product has a color index of PG7. Fast Green G is most commonly used as a pigment in offset and water-based ink, textile printing, and industrial paint applications.


Hangzhou Colorant Pigment Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a colorant pigment manufacturer and exporter, specializing in a full range of pigment based ISO9001:2000 international quality management system. They offer colorized pigments, red, yellow, orange, blue, green & violet (purple) and more than 100 different kinds organic pigments. Their products are suitable for various markets including offset Ink, liquid solvent ink (gravure, NC, PA ), water based Ink for the graphic art and ink industry



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Hangzhou Colorant Pigment Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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