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Encapsulated Molybdate Orange 9220 

Encapsulated Molybdate Orange 9220 is an orange pigment with a CI Name of PO22 and a CI Number of 77605. This product appears as an orange powder, and is composed of a mixture of lead chromate, lead sulfate, and lead molybdate. It can be used in paints and in coating applications. It can also be used in printing inks and in plastics.




Dimacolor Industry Group Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005. The company is located in one of most beautiful citys in China-Hangzhou. China dyestuff, pigment, paint ink plastic additive, oil drilling chemicals manufactures, suppliers and factory. Dimacolor is a professional pigment & dyes manufacturer and exporter. Their annual production capacity is 10000 metric tons and their products are used in the graphic arts and inks industry.


Dimacolor Industry Group Co., Ltd.

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