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Manganese Octoate (EGEDry 152201) 

Manganese Octoate (EGEDry 152201) is a clear liquid that consists of manganese octoate. This product is often used as an active drier in pigmented systems, conventional architectural paints, wood coatings, and printing inks. It is soluble in organic solvent and oils, and has a manganese metal content of 10% and a total solids content of 75%.




EGE Kimya San ve Tic A.S. is a supplier of semi-finished, metal-based ingredients used in the Graphic Arts & Inks industry. Key product lines include EGEDry Paint Driers and EgeZinc Zinc Oxides. With a dedicated research and development team composed of experienced scientists and executives, this organization strives to exceed industry expectations and deliver high customer satisfaction.


EGE Kimya San ve Tic A.S.

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