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Bisomer® CHMA 

Bisomer® CHMA is a hydrophobic methacrylate monomer. It is a mono-functional methacrylate, making it ideal for acrylic polymer synthesis. Bisomer® CHMA can be used to improve the hydrophobicity, weathering, physical and chemical resistance of acrylic resins. This product is also a useful reactive diluent in 2K adhesives and coatings.




GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc., is a world leader in the manufacturing of cost-effective, high-quality specialty chemicals. Their main markets include but are not limited to surfactants, dispersants, specialty acrylic monomers and coating and resin additives. They also offer strong and versatile production capabilities with plants strategically located worldwide to reduce costs for customers.


GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc. TRIMET Products Group

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