EUCHIO® R2902 

EUCHIO® R2902 is a multi-function titanium dioxide pigment that provides a blueish hue. It also provides good weather resistance, dispersibility, durability, and gloss. EUCHIO® R2902 can be used in solvent based paint, emulsion paint, industrial coating, printing ink, and powder coating applications.




Euchemy Industry Co., Limited is an enterprise specializing in producing, researching and selling pigments and additives. Their product range includes iron oxide pigments, chrome pigments, other inorganic pigments, organic pigments and additives for the graphic art and inks industry.

Euchemy's Iron oxide pigments business is one of it's core businesses with a total of three production facilities spread out in Zhejiang and Jiangshu. They are in the strongest position ever to provide our customers with the most stable quality, quantity and the most competitive price.


Euchemy Industry Co., Ltd.

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