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Ultramarine Blue 462 

Ultramarine Blue 462 is a reddish blue shaded synthetic inorganic pigment that is the most generally used earth blue pigment with a pure color and a very bright light. It is a kind of sulphur compound of Aluminous Silicate, which has a crystal structure associated with Celestite. It has main applications in plastics, paint, building coating, and stationery. Ultramarine Blue 462 has a density of 2.35 g/cm3, oil absorption of 25 to 45 ml/100g, a pH value of 8.0 to 10.0, and a heat resistance of 300.




Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical Co., Ltd. manufactures organic pigments and solvent dyes. The company also provides inorganic pigment for their customers at the same time. Hangzhou Xcolor products are widely used in all kinds of areas (such as paints, inks, plastic and etc.). They also make products according to customers’ different specifications.


Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical Co., Ltd.

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