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Glitter White YT1034 

Glitter White YT1034 shows a particle diameter of 20-80µm and consists of mica flakes that are coated with titanium dioxide that come in two different varieties, rutile and anatase mineral forms. Rutile shows better weather resistance than anatase. The pigment has a reflection color that is silver white, with a bright pearl shine. When it is mixed with transparent pigments, the two provide a colorful visual impact and a floral, pearlescent sparkle. Applications include car surface paints, refinished and bicycle paints, interior and exterior wall paints as well as uses in gravure, screen and offset inks.




Guangzhou Yortay Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. is a pearlescent pigment manufacturer with a research and development team that provides service for the different needs of customers. Yortay Chemicals produces high performance pigments for the graphic art and inks industry at home and abroad. Their products are sold to more than 40 countries and they include conventional industrial grade and special effect grade pearlescent pigments.


Guangzhou Yortay Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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