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O-10 (Orange) 


Kito Chem

O-09 (Orange red) is a solvent based complex dye, the thickness of which is about 30% and is free of heavy metals. It has a high gloss with good solubility and compatibility with many kinds of resin. It can impart good acid and alkali resistance as well as heat resistance to a wide range of formulations. This product is suitable for use in coloring staining woods, hot stamping, leather dye, shoe polish, plastic coating spray, printing ink, coatings, packaging paper, aluminum foil and a variety of plastic coloring vacuum plating's.




Kito Chem offer high quality raw materials for paints and coatings and printing ink. In order to provide their high-level products and service, they import advanced technology, and set up production in Zhuhai city. Their products include wetting dispersing agents, surface control agents(leveling agent), defoaming agents, rheological agents, adhesion promoters, catalytic agents, water-based resins and functional polymers.


Kito Chem

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