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Accofal 1G54 


Accoat A/S

Accoat 1G54 is a black colored coating that has a semi-glossy, smooth surface. Its layer thickness can range from 20 to 60µm. The product to be coated should be sand-blasted to ensure all impurities have been removed. This allows the electronic coating process to achieve optimal adhesion, increasing the product's lifespan while applying a complete uniform coating thickness. This product is safe to use in the foodstuffs industry and is well suited for coatings to protect from mild corrosion, textiles, paper and graphical industry rollers.




Accoat is a supplier who both promotes and implements fluoropolymer coatings to production facilities and industry products. Their products are manufactured using synthetic materials that are environmentally friendly, primarily PTFE. The fluoropolymers chosen possess properties that enhance the application and lifespan of the workpieces. They are used from many applications including Non-stick and Low Friction coatings, Corrosion Protection coatings and Flow Enhancement in Downhole Production Tublars.


Accoat A/S

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