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RC-820 Polyamide Wax Paste


Changxing Xiehe Polymer Co., Ltd.目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

RC-820 Polyamide Wax Paste is a special polyamide wax paste that is pre-activated in organic solvents. The product provides excellent thixotropic, anti-settling and anti-sagging functions; also enhance flake orientation of metallic and pearlescent pigments in formulation. It is primarily used in acrylic resin paints, unsaturated polyester paints, chlorinated rubber paints, epoxy resin paints, vinyl resin paints, asphalt & tar coatings, acrylic/melamines and urethane resin paints.


Changxing Xiehe Polymer Co., Ltd. is an innovative company which specializes in the manufacture of synthetic polymer waxes. Their product portfolio includes polyamide wax paste, polyamide wax powder, polyamide rheological additives, polyethylene wax, and modified castor oil. The company is determined to continue supplying quality products as well as excellent customer service.



Changxing Xiehe Polymer Co., Ltd.

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