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IRR 902 

IRR 902 is a solvent-free, radiation curable polyurethane dispersion. It is tack-free before cure and after water evaporation. It has been developed for high end wooden furniture top-coats, especially pigmented, but can also be used for clear coatings and for other applications and substrates. This polyurethane dispersion is very reactive and the cured coating exhibits outstanding scratch and stain resistance also in thick pigmented layers. Due to the low viscosity, it can be easily applied by spray or curtain coater. For roller coater applications, the product needs to be thickened.




Allnex是印藝與油墨行業的主要全球性供應商。它提供了許多先進的UV / EB固化,水性和有機溶劑為基礎的產品 - 包括酚醛樹脂,丙烯酸樹脂,環氧樹脂,聚酯,和氨基交聯劑。 Allnex最新的圖形藝術和油墨的開發產品是EBECRYL LEO®樹脂,采用高可再生成分的單體和低聚物,根據良好生產規范制備。


Allnex - UV/EB Curable Resins 能量固化树脂

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