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PM791 is a rosin modified phenolic resin created from gum rosin and alcohols after the polycondensation of phenols and aldehydes. This product is commonly used in applications such as middle to high level offset printing inks, paper polishing and spray paints. PM791 is a transparent yellow solid in appearance with an acid value of 10-23 mg/g.




Rosin Chemical (Wuping) Co. Ltd is a leading Chinese manufacturer and global supplier of gum rosin and gum turpentine and its derivatives, such as: polymerized rosin, rosin ester, rosin modified phenolic or maleic resin, terpineol (perfumery, medical, electric grades), pine oil, dipentene, longifolene etc. They have new and advanced production facilities and complete general engineering and safe environmental protection facilities etc. They are approved and certified ISO9001, ISO14001, QASA18001, Kosher and acquired relative production permit. Rosin Chemical offers products to the graphic art and inks industry and more.


Rosin Chemical (Wuping) Co., Ltd.

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