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KTR-118 is a ketonic resin that has the appearance of white prills. It is neutral, light in color, and inert to saponification. It displays good pigment-wetting properties, and increases yield of coating systems. It is suitable for all types of industries, including nitrocellulose paints where it improves polishing characteristic and adhesion. In printing inks, it enhances adhesion, imparts gloss, improves drying properties, and increases solids content, where it is used in maleic resins, alkyd resins, nitro cellulose, and polyvinyl butyral. KTRs are also used in isocyanate based adhesive systems, as well as radiation cured adhesives and in water clear systems. KTR-118 has a softening point of 105 to 115 °C, in butyl acetate of 100 to 120 at 25 °C (cps), and a hydroxyl value of 180 to 210.


Suparna Chemicals Ltd. is a supplier of specialty chemicals used in the Graphic Arts & Inks industry. This organization specializes in the research and development of commercial ingredients meeting ISO 9001 standards. Suparna endeavors to be an industry leader through knowledge management, research orientation, quality consciousness, and good environmental, health, and safety practices.



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Suparna Chemicals Ltd.

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