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Refined Glycerine


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Refined Glycerine, in the form of a transparent liquid without suspended precipitates, is a raw material that can be used in paints, textiles, printing and dyeing. This product's density is greater than 1.2481 g/ml and it contains no more than 0.05% ash.


Zouping Tianxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. produces castor oil of grade I and II and Sebacic Acid and 12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid with castor seeds. The company has its own import and export rights as the largest castor oil enterprise in China. Tianxing castor oil product series can be used in many fields, such as, engineering plastics, resin, lubricant and for inks for the graphic art and ink industry.



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Zouping Tianxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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