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Rutile Titania XDA-12 

Rutile Titania XDA-12 is a compound titanium dioxide pigment. It can reduce production costs and has a covering power of less than or equal to 22 grams per meter squared. Rutile Titania XDA-12 has wide applications in many coatings, paints, inks, and paper making.




Hebei Canri Chemical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive pigment manufacturing owning over 50 million Yuan RMB of fixed assets, and over 100 million Yuan RMB of annual turnover. The company manufactures iron oxide pigment, chrome yellow and orange pigments, effective anticorrosion pigment and coated composite titanium pigment in four types. Hebei Canri Chemical Companie's products have many applications including ink and printing paste applications.


Hebei Canri Chemical Co., Ltd.

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