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Cycure TPO


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Cycure TPO is a free radical type I solid photo-initiator appearing as a light yellow solid. It is used to initiate the UV polymerization of styrene-based unsaturated polyesters and acrylic resins. Cycure TPO finds application in pigmented, white, and wood coatings, white paints, screen inks, flexo inks, overprint varnishes, and thick film layers requiring low yellowing and low odor.


Guangzhou Baohui Resin Co., Ltd. specializes in the synthesis and operation of special resins, resin Po will be the world's leading resin manufacturers. The company has a technical background and unique synthesis technology and an accumulation of application experience. Resin Co., Ltd's products can be used for high transparency and bright color with good thermal and chemical stability of inks and sealants as a reinforcing or crosslinking agent.



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Guangzhou Baohui Resin Co., Ltd.

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