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Nanjing Shuguang Chemical Group目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

SG-TnBT, in the form of a light yellow clear liquid, is a titanate coupling agent. This product can be used in polyester lacquers to prepare high-temperature paints. It can be used in cross-linking reactions to improve the adhesion between an adhesive and a polymer and to enhance the adhesion of inks to a substrate.


Nanjing Shuguang Chemical Group was established as the first manufacturer of sulfur silane coupling agents in China. Shuguang Chemical Group was not only the first company to pass ISO:9001 certification, but also ISO:14000 and OSHAS18000 certification. Nanjing Shugang offers products that can be used as a cross-linking agent for water borne coatings and printing inks. It will increase the adhesion of the ink to a substrate surface, and provide heat stability, water resistance, chemical resistance, and gloss.



Nanjing Shuguang Chemical Group

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