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PVP-K90, Powder 

PVP-K90, Powder, in the form of a white powder, is a homopolymer of vinylpyrrolidone. This product can be used in adhesives, printing inks, paint and coating applications. It is soluble in water or various organic solvents, has a K value of 88-96 and a solid content of >95%.




Shanghai Qifuqing Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of PVP (Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone) ingredients used in the Graphic Arts & Inks industry. Key offerings include PVPSH, PVPK17, PVPVA, PVPP NVP, PVPK30, and PVPK90 - for use in a variety of dye and ink applications. This company is dedicated to delivering high quality ingredients with excellent customer service.


Shanghai Qifuqing Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

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