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Silica Matting Agent BT-303L


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Silica Matting Agent BT-303L, in the form of a colorless or white crystalline powder, consists of 99.9% silicon dioxide with good disperse heat, transparency, suspension, and matting efficiency. It is often used in the surface of the paint film coating and has applications in ink, leather paint, water-based paint, and plastic paint.


Shouguang Baote Chemical Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and application of silica and produces by the aerogel method, macroporous silica 3000 tons, superfine white carbon black 2500 tons and precipitated silica 15000 tons. They have successfully developed products for rubber, printing ink, plastic masterbatch, pesticide, digital ink-jet printing, paper and paint for the graphic art and inks industry.



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Shouguang Baote Chemical Co., Ltd.

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